Online A level tuition

At Notebook Tutors, we provide one of the most efficient and effective A-level tuition. With students across the country picking subjects for their A-level studies that are amongst some of the hardest specifications internationally, we understand the importance of A-level students being able to access the A-level tuition that they need. 

No matter what needs your child has academically for their A-level studies, our highly skilled A-level tutors will be able to cater for them and their learning styles. With university places becoming more competitive year by year and the difficulty of A-level studies increasing too, our A-level tutors here at Notebook Tutors have also experienced an increasingly high level of demand. 

In light of this, we advise any parents that are looking for A-level tuition for their child to get in contact as soon as possible to start the tutor matching process.

Online A level tuition

With an abolition of the AS level in most sixth forms and a replacement with only the A2 exams being completed, students are now expected to condense two years’ worth of heavy specifications into one set of exams at the end of the second year. Since this change, more and more A-level Studies students have been turning to the resource of A-level tuition in order to give them a more secure and reliable chance at obtaining the grades that they need. 

A-level tuition with our expertly-trained A-level tutors can assist your child in furthering their academic progress through rigorous and regular tuition. The one-on-one nature of the A-level tuition carried out through Notebook Tutors allows your student to feel confident in the knowledge that their concerns are being listened to and addressed on a personal basis. 

For this reason, A-level tuition usually secures greater academic results for those students that take tuition on a long-term basis. The consistent attention from our A-level tutors paired with your child’s hard work, as well as encouragement from parents and guardians, regularly results in greater academic fulfilment.

Meet our A level tutors

Our hiring team at Notebook Tutors pick our A-level tutors based on whether or not they have passed several stages of requirements. Disclosure and Barring Service checks are carried out for each tutor and their previous teaching experience is then liable to a process of verification, through an interview process and accompanying character references from previous clients. 

You can rest assured that your child’s A-level Studies concerns and weaknesses are in good hands, as not only do our A-level tutors have consistently positive reviews, but they also have the experience of their own academic background as well. In all cases, our tutors will have apt qualifications of their own to teach the subject specification that your child is studying. Whether face-to-face or online, the one-on-one nature of the A-level tuition will allow tutors to curate a dedicated lesson plan for the student. 

What is included in A level tuition

With more and more A-level Studies subjects becoming more popular by the year, we at Notebook Tutors aim to accommodate for all subjects on the A-level and International Baccalaureate curriculums. Currently, we cater for students in the following subjects: Accounting, Anthropology, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, German, Greek, History, History of Art, Italian, Latin, Law, Mandarin, Maths, Further Maths, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Spanish.

However, if your child is studying an alternative A-level that is not on this list, and you are looking to seek tuition in that area with our A-level tutors, please get in touch and we will reach out to our tutor base to see how we can help. 

Across these subjects, our A-level tutors understand the pressure that the new style of A-levels has placed on students. For this reason, any A-level tuition that is undertaken with our tutors will be flexible to suit the needs of the student. Whether this involves intensive revision activities or assistance with exam techniques, your tutor will be able to cater to the student’s specific difficulties. 

All exam boards nationally and internationally at the level of A-level studies are eligible for support from our tutor base here at Notebook Tutors. With each exam board separating specifications into different exams and different units, your tutor will be able to target and cater your A-level tuition to assist with your child’s specific exam board structure. 

Learn about A level tuition

A-level Studies are no longer subject to a combination of exams throughout the two years and coursework, but instead, the new A-level specifications in the UK now focus more on exams at the end of two years. For this reason, A-level tuition has been turned to as a solution for giving students more time to focus on their subject content. 

With class sizes getting larger and larger in sixth forms by the year, the individual time spent in A-level tuition online has endless benefits for your child. With the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses quickly and without distraction, as well as direct access to subject expertise, we at Notebook Tutors believe that A-level tuition can help any A-level Studies student achieve their full academic potential. 

A level tuition FAQ

If you are a parent or guardian that wishes to enroll their child into A-level tuition, please let us know and we can begin the tutor matching process for your child. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding A-level tuition.

Why is A-level tuition important?

Considering the dependency that university applications have on the outcome of students’ A-level results, spending as much time as possible on mastering A-level Studies specifications is a sure-fire way to ensure the best grades possible for your child. 

Here is a link to the Sutton Trust report on how the recent disruption to education has affected University entry, learning, and assessments.

What can A-level tuition do that my child can’t do themselves?

Although A-level students are usually very apt at self-studying, the engagement provided by regular sessions with our A-level tutors can provide efficient revision techniques and new resources for your child to use when revising and preparing for their A2 examinations, as well as loads of help on exam techniques.

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