Chemistry Tuition

The Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry tuition is one of our most popular subjects. Along with Biology and Physics every student has to study Chemistry at least until GCSE level.  Studying Chemistry at A-level or International Baccalaureate is highly valued by universities.  Chemistry has been described by the Russell Group as a ‘facilitating subject’, meaning that studying Chemistry can help a student obtain entrance to a prestigious undergraduate degree. It is therefore crucial that students achieve as highly as possible in Chemistry.  Studying Chemistry at an advanced level can open up careers in many areas including medicine, research science, the energy sector, the pharmaceutical industry, patent law, and teaching; or even politics, journalism, food science, and more. We can provide you with expert Chemistry tuition to ensure your success in this important subject.  Our tuition is available face to face and online.

Chemistry Tuition-What you LearnChemistry Tuition

Chemistry is a physical science which studies the properties of matter, from individual atoms and molecules through to chemical compounds, reactions, and the elements in the periodic table. Our Chemistry tutors assist students to understand and explain chemical processes and reactions; to identify the key features of individual elements and categories of elements (such as halogens, noble gases, alkali metals, and so on); and to perform the mathematical calculations required to analyse chemicals and chemical reactions. Our Chemistry tutors also teach revision, study skills, and exam techniques, so students can achieve highly in Chemistry exams.

Chemistry Tuition in Combination With Other Sciences

Notebook Tutors has many highly qualified and experienced Chemistry tutors. Some of our tutors are able to teach Chemistry in combination with other subjects, such as Biology, Physics, or Maths. It is relatively common for our students to have the same tutor for both Chemistry and Biology, or Maths and Physics, or all three Sciences. However, some tutors,  particularly those who teach at the highest academic levels,  specialise in one of the three Science subjects. Our tutors are highly effective in quickly improving students’ understanding and knowledge.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements for Chemistry tuition, which can be provided either at home or online.