English Tuition

English tuition either at home or online is very popular for all ages. It is perhaps the most important subject in the curriculum as having a strong grasp of English, both in reading comprehension and ability to write fluently, helps students succeed in all other subjects as well. Our English tutors adapt every lesson to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual student, focusing on improving performance and fostering an enjoyment of the subject.

We provide highly qualified and experienced English tutors for students at every age. Some of our tutors specialise in working with younger children, developing their verbal fluency and writing ability with fun academic games and exercises. Others focus on the later primary school years and the start of secondary school, where students lay the foundations for GCSE English and A-­level English Literature studies. At GCSE English level, students need to develop new skills such as essay ­writing, exam technique, improved comprehension and creative writing; while at A-­level and beyond the subject becomes much more complex as students are expected to engage with and analyse a wide variety of literature and writing.

Our English tutors teach both English Literature and English Language, and also related skills such as verbal reasoning, at all levels (primary school, 11+, 13+, GCSE and IGCSE, A-­level, Pre-­U and International Baccalaureate, undergraduate degree and beyond).