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Marilyn Brydges

About Us and Our Founder

I thought it was important for me to tell you something about us and our approach to tuition on our website. I founded Notebook Tutors because of my passion for continuous learning and my belief in the power of education as a means of broadening not just our knowledge but our ability to think and analyse the world around us.

As a London parent myself, I fully understand the need to give your children the best start possible in life. I owned a Montessori Primary school in Fulham and was deeply involved in my children’s education. My daughter attended a top independent girls’ school and is now training to be a Solicitor and my son was a scholar at a top independent boys’ school. He now runs a digital marketing business while also studying for his Master’s degree part time.

One to One Tuition and Our Long Term Ethos

A large body of research has demonstrated conclusively the value of one-to-one tuition over extended periods of time. Our tailored and structured model of longer term learning programmes, where we go over all the topics your child has covered to ensure they know what they should know, works in line with this research. We have seen the results time and time again. It gives me the greatest pleasure to hear from our Clients how we are helping their children to flourish and succeed. Please read our testimonials in order to understand more about us, our ethos, and how we have helped hundreds of students.

Great Customer Service

I take great pride in the work we do at Notebook. In contrast to some of the agencies I have seen, we are extremely selective in our tutor recruitment, and we treat our tutors well, giving them the support they need. As a result most of our tutors stay with us for many years. Our commitment to Client service is absolute: we take the time to understand each Client’s needs so we can make the best possible match for them. The team’s professionalism, integrity and commitment to our students makes me proud to work at Notebook every day.

Clients often comment on our responsiveness and professionalism. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service of any tuition agency in the UK.


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