Maths Tuition For All Levels

Maths Tuition for All Ages and Levels

Maths tuition is one of our most popular areas of tuition for students of all ages. At Notebook Tutors we have many highly experienced and qualified Maths tutors. They specialise in teaching Maths at every level from primary school through to 11+ (including non-verbal reasoning), 13+, GCSE, A-­level (both Maths and Further Maths). Our Maths tutors teach alternative qualifications including IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), FSMQ, American SATs and Pre-­U.  We also teach aptitude tests for job applications or further education such as the GMAT, GRE, ACT, and others. We provide both home tuition and online tuition in Maths.maths tuition

How Our Tutors Teach Maths

Our expert Maths tutors adapt every lesson to the strengths and weaknesses of their student. For students who are struggling in Maths, our tutors will help them to improve understanding and consolidate the fundamentals so they can catch up to their classmates and achieve much better marks. Maths is often the subject that causes the most ‘fear’ and many students believe that they simply can’t do it. Our Maths tutors restore their confidence and fill in the gaps in students’ knowledge, with remarkable results. Many of our students have improved their grades in Maths by several levels, and some who previously hated Maths at GCSE have even gone on to study it at A-­level after Maths tutoring.

Students Who Are Strong in Maths

For students already excelling in Maths our tutors can stretch and challenge them to achieve their full potential.  As a result, students will sometimes be working at a level several academic years beyond their actual age. These students often thrive on puzzles and mathematical challenges and we have several Maths tutors who particularly specialise in developing the abilities of these bright students.

Specialised Areas of Maths

Our tutors teach every area of Maths from the basics to the more specialised areas taught at A-­level and beyond.  This includes topics such as statistics, mechanics and decision (applied Maths), algebra, probability, calculus, geometry, and differential equations.