A-level Online English Tutors

With a huge increase in students choosing to study A-level English, online A-level English tutors have been greatly in demand over the past academic year. With in-class sizes for A-level English getting larger, the difficulty of revising everything necessary for the exams is proving difficult for some. At Notebook Tutors, we aim to provide targeted A-level English tuition for your child, in order to assist them with achieving their full academic potential. 

A-level English tuition delivered by highly qualified online A-level English tutors has been proven to enhance students’ understanding of complex texts and improve their quality of written communication. Students that have regularly received the guidance of our online A-level English tutors have found a significant improvement in their class performance and overall exam grades.

A-level Online English Tutors

Working with experienced online A-level English tutors usually ensures great academic improvement for your child. A-level English tuition is suitable for any student that feels they could benefit from extra revision, or any one-on-one support for the subject. Notebook Tutors usually advises that A-level English tuition is most effective when applied long-term, usually for the duration of the academic year. 

Delivering A-level English online can look different for every student depending on their current academic needs and what they may be struggling with in school. Regardless of their current performance, A-level English tuition can assist them with achieving better analysis and better understanding of exam techniques. 

As with most A-level essay based subjects, the transition from GCSE level English to A-level English is very underestimated in terms of the difficulty posed to students. With a vast range of experiences and having completed English at A-level themselves, our online A-level English tutors have the capacity to help your child feel more comfortable with the jump in content.

Meet Our A-level English Tutors

Our online A-level English tutors are well prepared to supplement your child’s current level of learning with challenging yet effective materials. At Notebook Tutors, we go to great lengths to ensure that your child’s tutor is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to help your child reach the next level. 

In order to assist your child in reaching their full academic potential, your child’s tutor will modify current basic practises in teaching A-level English to suit your child’s optimal learning style. With the many nuances of A-level English and several different approaches, your tutor may ask for supplementary information on your child’s learning from their school. At Notebook Tutors, we encourage this kind of transparent and effective communication to ensure that all parties involved are working towards the same goal. 

Online A Level English Tutors

What is included in A-level English

With online A-level English tuition needing to be so varied so as to accommodate the several texts available in the subject, our online A-level English tutors will have adequate preparation to tackle any academic concerns you may have. 

Our tutors are well versed in teaching a range of exam boards, including international ones such as CIE, IB, and their equivalents. As a result, their knowledge of the vast range of texts in A-level English will prove useful for teaching your child. 

At Notebook Tutors, we are firm in the belief that A-level English tuition can be beneficial for any and every student, especially for essay-based subjects. With so many different interpretations and understandings available for every text, your child may find the simple task of a verbal discussion around a text’s themes beneficial. 

Alternatively, if your child is more focused on achieving a specific grade for university offer admissions, then your tutor may suggest that they complete regular extract-based and thematic questions in order to supplement their existing knowledge of the text. 

Another key reason that students may turn towards the idea of receiving online A-level English tuition is because of the nuances of written communication and essay writing that they may struggle with. We can assure you that your child’s assigned tutor will be more than capable in guiding your child to writing more efficient and effective essays, should they need the assistance. Read this guide from the Department of Education to learn more about course content, assessment objectives, and learning outcomes when studying A Level English online.

Learn More About A-Level English Subject

A-level English tuition has drastically changed over the past few years due to the ever-changing syllabus and range of texts. Most exam boards choose to categorise their texts either by theme or by time period. For example, some of the most popular choices schools make include pre and post-1900 texts, or themes such as Dystopia or The American Dream. 

Regardless of the texts chosen, all exam boards examine against similar assessment objectives. These include skills of refining your argument, understanding literary techniques and appreciating literary context. Alongside these skills, your child will need to be confident in remembering key quotes from their studied texts and be well versed in time management skills for planning and proofreading during the exam. 

The subject of A-level English is well respected due to the difficulty of exam questions that appear year by year. As a result, it is also a subject that competitive universities favour greatly. It also pairs very well with other essay-based and Humanities subjects, such as Drama or History. 

English A-level FAQ

Here at Notebook Tutors, we are passionate in supporting young adults in achieving their full potential at English A-level through careful and selective guidance, thanks to our online English A-level tutors. 

If A-level English online lessons are new to both you and your child and you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for A-level English tuition.

What will my child gain from A-level English online lessons?

Your child will benefit from independent and targeted one-on-one guidance that is suitable  for their skill level and favoured style of learning. As a result, they will be enthusiastic for the subject; resulting in improved performance and grades.

How can I help my child in A-level English?

A-level English tuition is best supplemented by hard work and of course, parental or guardian encouragement. Through encouraging your child to persist with tuition, you can play a very important part in helping them achieve the grades they require.

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