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An A-level that is slowly rising the ranks of popularity amongst sixth formers up and down the country, Economics A-level is becoming one of the most sought after subjects upon completing GCSEs. With so many potential pathways opened up by an outstanding grade in the subject, our online Economics A-level tutors have been under high levels of demand over the past few academic years. Our tutors here at Notebook Tutors for Economics A-level tuition can offer your child one-on-one support to fill in any gaps in the syllabus at school.

Through Economics A-level tuition, we believe that any and every student can stand to benefit from independent learning with focus around a student’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. Your child’s tutor will show dedication to the pursuit of you and your child’s academic goals and for this reason, we at Notebook Tutors advise that you seek long-term tuition, as this has been proven to be more effective. If you would like to receive support from one of our online Economics A-level tutors, then we would advise contacting us as soon as possible to register your interest. 

Economics A Level Online Tutors

Our tutors for Economics A-level tuition have all been carefully picked to ensure that they have the correct level of experience and skill to support your child through their Economics A-level journey. During the selection and hiring process, we make sure that each tutor has their DBS checked, and has the correct skill level and teaching expertise to provide academic guidance to Economics A-level students. With a great quantity of teaching experience and a proven track record in securing positive reviews from clients, our online Economics A-level tutors can greatly assist your child.

With Economics A-level being a very demanding A-level subject to choose, our tutors are aware of the heavy workload that comes with studying the subject. It is for this reason that our tutors will be extremely considerate when setting work and consider what is best for your child’s academic progression. However, if you have any concerns or requests for content in lessons, we encourage transparent and effective communication here at Notebook Tutors and would be happy to help where possible.

Due to the amount of personalisation that goes into the planning of lessons, Economics A-level students are able to not only brush up on the specific aspects of the Economics A-level specification they need, but also their core skills. The well-roundedness of our tutors’ teaching experiences ensure that they are able to help with a variety of academic struggles relating to the subject at hand. This potentially includes revision timetabling and essay writing to name a few. 

Online Economics A Level Tutors

Meet Our Economics A Level Tutors

Our Economics A-level tutors have been successful in helping students achieve their dream grades in order to secure places at universities, colleges and apprenticeships for a number of years. It is with their guidance that your child can access their full potential and overcomes any issues of nervousness or hesitation around those peskier parts of the Economics A-level specification.

If requested, our online Economics A-level tutors will also produce regular reports of your child’s progress in order to keep all parties involved in the loop. At Notebook Tutors, we believe in effective communication as one of the key ways to ensure efficient progress for your child’s academic achievement. 

In light of this, your child’s initial session of Economics A-level tuition will be their first opportunity to share any specific academic goals they have. It will also be a chance for your child’s tutor to assess their current working level and to provide a brief assessment of what they feel is the best course to take moving forward.

What is included in Economics A Level

As part of your child’s customised course of Economics A-level tuition, your tutor may suggest a variety of activities and styles of learning. This can range from intensive revision of a specific topic that may be a problem area for the student, to regular timed exam-style questions in order to practise time management and essay techniques. 

With regards to the latter, Economics A-level as a combination of Maths skills and English skills can be quite challenging for students at times. As such, our online Economics A-level tutors will be happy to help your child brush up on any underlying core skills that are necessary to fulfil the targets of the specification and their predicted grades. 

Learn More About Economics A Level Subject

The subject of Economics A-level can be quite convoluted for those who have not studied similar subjects such as GCSE Business Studies. However, the subject is usually open to those who have excelled in Maths, due to the heavy mathematics involved in the subject.  It is important to note that due to the hybridity of the subject (both mathematical and an essay subject), it is quite impressive for universities to see on an application. 

As such, most students are keen to have extra time spent on Economics A-level revision in order to secure their place at their preferred university. Students interested in studying Economics at the university level might consider combining it with a science course such as physics or chemistry. If your child is thinking about studying economics, read this article from TheUniGuide to find a list of the top A-Level combinations. With one-on-one time spent over the academic year on Economics A-level revision, your tutor will be able to develop your child’s confidence and enthusiasm for the subject. 

Economics A Level FAQ

For those parents and guardians that would like to show interest in online Economics A-level tuition for their child, we would advise getting in touch as soon as possible. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding our online Economics A-level tuition.

How can Economics A-level tuition help my child get better grades?

The specialised attention and curated lesson plans that your child’s tutor will put together will help to enhance your child’s understanding of the syllabus. This will give them more confidence in the subject content which can result in better grades and marks overall.

What experience will my child’s tutor have?

Your child’s tutor for Economics A-level will have several hours of previous teaching experience under their belt and will have a stellar academic track record of their own. With this in mind, you can be confident that your tutor is well-trained to deliver Economics A-level tuition to your child. 

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