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For students, GCSEs are a very significant milestone in their academic journey. This is because the results of their GCSE’s can have a lifelong effect. Ultimately, they will have an impact on the student being offered a place at a preferred university or not. Therefore, students must achieve their full potential when it comes to GCSE English. Our online English tutors will help students to excel through professional English tuition. 

Online GCSE English Tutors

Most of our requests when it comes to tuition are regarding GCSE’s. This is because our talented online English tutors are extensively qualified and experienced in delivering subject-specific tuition. As well as this, they deliver high-quality lessons that are carefully tailored to each individual student. 

All of our online English tutors are up to date with the latest changes in the GCSE syllabus. This includes the structure of the new 9-1 GCSEs. Additionally, our online English tutors cover both the full course content where it’s required as well as exam techniques. 

For flexibility, our English tuition is available online. We can provide GCES English support for both GCSE and IGCSE courses.

Meet our English GCSE Tutors

Our online English tutors are highly qualified and experienced when it comes to GCSE English tuition. And as well as this, our online English tutors cater to students of all ages. 

With younger children, our English tutors will help them to develop their verbal fluency and writing ability. For later primary students, tutors will help them lay the foundations for GCSE English and A-level English Literature studies. 

Our online English tutors teach both English Literature and English Language. As well as other related skills such as verbal reasoning. 

In addition to this, our online English tutors can also provide tuition for students where English isn’t their primary language. This includes teaching for the IELTS exams.

What’s Included in English

With our GCSE English tuition, we’re able to assist students with preparing for GCSE or IGCSE. To get the maximum academic benefits, we like to start a full academic year before the exams take place. 

Our online English tutors will start by developing a clear understanding of the concepts underpinning the English GCSE course. This way, students are able to build up detailed knowledge about the subject. Online English tutors will also teach students how to take a positive approach to revision. In addition to this, they’ll work on teaching students the most effective exam techniques.

Overall, GCSE English tuition leads to strong academic results and leaves students feeling prepared to tackle their next level of education.  Take a look at this guide from the Department of Education to learn more about course content, assessment objectives, and learning outcomes when studying GCSE English online.

Online English Tutors

Learn More About the English Subject

At GCSE level, students need to develop new skills such as essay writing, exam techniques, improved comprehension, and creative writing. Our online English tutors will incorporate these into the course. Our English tuition is specially adapted according to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. 

An English GCSE course will encompass comprehension, grammar, spelling, essay writing and analysing. These are all necessary skills that are needed in order to succeed in all other subjects, including science-based ones. In all subjects, students need to demonstrate comprehension. They must also be able to explain things in writing. Therefore, an English GCSE is vital for academic success across the board.

To summarize, our English tutors will focus on improving performance and promoting academic progression. They will encourage students to foster an enjoyment of the subject while at the same time meeting academic goals.

English GCSE – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GCSE English important?

This qualification is vital when it comes to academic achievement. Writing and comprehension are necessary skills that are needed across every academic subject, including science-based ones. 

What do students learn in GCSE English?

While studying for this qualification, students will develop their comprehension skills. As well as this they’ll focus on essay writing, exam techniques, positive revision, and creative writing.

So, if you’re interested in online English tuition, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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