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With GCSEs defining a key academic turning point for students, GCSE tuition has been on the rise for the past few years. GCSE Maths has been a key focus of online tuition as a result of fluctuating grades nationally. Our online Maths tutors are prepared to cater for any obstacles that your child might be struggling with through dedicated, one-on-one tuition.

GCSE Maths tuition has been proven to increase the chance of students achieving higher grades when paired with the encouragement of parents and hard work on the students’ part. As a result, we at Notebook Tutors believe that online Maths tutors can assist your child to reach their full potential.

Online GCSE Maths Tutors

Maths tuition, when delivered effectively and by the right tutor for your child, can absolutely transform the academic performance of students in GCSE Maths. This is why at Notebook Tutors, we take our time to find the best tutors in the business that have proven expertise in catering lessons for each child. 

If your child is working at a Foundation or Higher level in Maths, or is covering GCSE or IGCSE content, rest assured that our tutors will be able to deliver content to supplement your child’s learning.

Meet Our Maths GCSE Tutors

Our online Maths tutors are some of the most popularly requested tutors on our platform. This is both due to the high level of requests for GCSE tutoring and the increase in GCSE Maths class sizes in school. The larger the class size, the less chance your child has of receiving dedicated attention from teachers in school to cater for their specific needs. 

When delivering GCSE Maths tuition online, our tutors prepare for lessons by assessing the strengths and weaknesses that your child is experiencing in GCSE Maths. The quality of Maths tuition at Notebook Tutors is high, thanks to the wealth of experience that our tutors have across exam boards. 

In addition to covering all aspects of GCSE Maths content, our tutors will encourage your child in all aspects of exam preparation, time management tips and revision techniques. 

Online Maths tutors at Notebook Tutors are also well versed in the new content of GCSEs since the change to the new 9-1 grading method. Through reliable and effective communication with your tutor, you and your child can direct any questions you have about the GCSE Maths syllabus to your tutor. 

What is included in Maths

When registering interest for Maths tuition with one of our online Maths tutors, your child’s tutor may suggest multiple methods of revision depending on your child’s current working level.

During an initial lesson, our online Maths tutors will initiate a conversation with your child about their current anxieties and struggles surrounding their Maths lessons. This method allows your child and their tutor to be on the same page from the first lesson. In turn, a greater understanding develops between them and your child is encouraged to ask questions and build their confidence as a result. 

A typical GCSE Maths course will include concepts of geometry, algebra, number logic and formulae. These are all necessary skills at GCSE level that most sixth forms and colleges look for upon application. As a result, most students are extremely enthusiastic about performing to their full capacity in GCSE Maths exams, in order to secure the best academic opportunities possible.

Overall, our online Maths tutors will be ready to improve performance and encourage academic progression, regardless of the issues your child may be facing. In addition to improving marks achieved and grades issues, personal goals such as time studied, questions asked and confidence built will be prioritised. Take a look at this guide from the department of education to learn more about course content, assessment objectives, and learning outcomes when studying GCSE Maths online.

Online Maths Tutors

Learn More About Our GCSE Subjects

At GCSE Maths level, exams are created with questions that progress in difficulty; with harder questions being given later on in the paper. Additionally, depending on exam board, exams will be split into different topics or calculator and non-calculator questions. 

GCSE Maths ties in well with other GCSE subjects such as GCSE Physics and GCSE Chemistry, and the literacy skills that are developed from GCSE English are transferrable to these subjects, too. 

Please see our GCSE Tuition page for more information on what other subjects we cover at this level.

Because of the core subject status that GCSE Maths holds, Maths tuition with our online Maths tutors is in high demand. The main reason for this is due to students wanting to feel prepared for their upcoming GCSE exams, to give them the best chance of achieving the best grades possible.


All of our online Maths tutors have had the experience of teaching students that are completely new to online Maths tuition and those who are familiar with it. If you’re a parent or a guardian who has not registered interest in using online Maths tutors before, you may be wondering what your child stands to gain from extra GCSE Maths sessions. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Maths tuition for GCSE. 

Why is GCSE Maths important?

Not only is GCSE Maths a necessity for further education but it contains the learning, development and application of skills that are used in most modern-day professions. As a result, GCSE Maths is not only crucial for academic skills but also for obtaining transferrable skills for employment as well.

How can online Maths tutors help my child?

With the right targeted guidance and dedicated time put aside for your child every week, their understanding of GCSE Maths concepts and their overall academic attainment will increase greatly. Your child’s online Maths tutor will be on hand to discuss any issues with schoolwork or homework whenever needed, and will regularly report on their learning via feedback reports.

What is covered in an hour of Maths tuition?

The course of learning for Maths tuition depends on which topics or techniques your child is struggling with. The hour can vary from a dedicated tutorial on one topic to an hour’s worth of timed questions, or a mixture of both. 

If Maths tuition is something you feel your child can benefit from this academic year, get in touch to register your interest now.

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