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Within British curriculum schools, Primary English consists of a wide scope of literacy skills that schools expect children to master by the end of Year 6. With academic targets gradually increasing in difficulty throughout primary school, online primary school English lessons have proven extremely successful in assisting students towards these objectives. 

Primary English performance can vary depending on a variety of external factors, including but not limited to, a child’s working level of spoken English and whether it is their first, second or third language. 

Through online KS1 and KS2 lessons for primary English, our tutors are ready and prepared to guide your child through primary English content covered at school and in school-issued homework, too. 

Online Primary English Tutors

Our online primary school English tuition is consistent in assisting students overcome any academic barriers they may come across whilst studying primary English. The lessons cover topics of primary English and literacy skills from both Keystage levels, as well as preparation for the 7+, 8+, 11+ and SATs tests if required. 

Through Notebook Tutors’ online KS1 and KS2 tuition, your child will have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed at primary English. Our well-renowned tutors will deliver high quality online primary school English tuition with great academic results for your child. 

Meet Our Primary English Tutors

At Notebook Tutors, our online primary school English tutors are ready to deliver primary English lessons for your children at a high level of quality. As a result of thorough and rigorous application processes and background checks, you can rest assured your child’s tutor knows and can teach the required curriculum. 

With primary English being one of the core building blocks for progression through primary school and beyond, our tutors will identify the strengths and weaknesses that your child is experiencing. 

Following an initial skill assessment that caters to both younger and older students in primary school, your child’s tutor will develop a personal syllabus for their lessons together. 

For younger students, primary English tutors will be aiming to encourage students towards a more practical understanding of written and spoken English, as per the National Curriculum. 

For older students who may be working towards sitting tests for secondary school entry, online primary school English lessons will consist of general revision of literacy skills alongside Year 5 and 6 level literature analysis.

With direct encouragement from our top online KS1 and KS2 tutors, you can be confident in the knowledge that your child will be set for success following lessons with us.

What is included in Primary English

Online primary school English tutors customise and personalise lesson content to your child’s current literacy level. Regardless of your child’s current academic performance, Notebook Tutors can assure that your child’s tutor will be well equipped to take your child to the next academic level. 

With online KS1 and KS2 English lessons varying widely in content, your tutor will use the National Curriculum as a baseline for topics to cover. You will receive regular lesson reports as completed by the tutor to supplement your child’s learning. 

Our online primary school English lessons will work on covering key areas of grammar, punctuation and spelling as well as more complex skills such as comprehension and analysis. Depending on your child’s current level, your tutor may feel that an inclusion of reading and speaking skills will be beneficial for your child’s progression. 

For KS1, online primary school English lessons will aim to cover activities such as regular spelling tests, skills of inference and retrieval with regards to comprehension, and more. For KS2, your tutor may introduce test skills such as proof-reading, time management and revision tips alongside more advanced, long-form writing skills. 

Overall, Notebook Tutors promotes both an improvement in academic achievement and your child’s confidence with primary English. 

Learn more about Primary English

Notebook Tutors’ online KS1 and KS2 lessons follow the core subjects of the National Curriculum. As a result, our tutors will be working towards the long-term goal of encouraging your child to be secondary school English ready by the end of Year 6. 

For students that come under ESL (English as a Second Language), your tutor may feel that your child needs further guidance with KS1 concepts such as phonics and reading skills. Following this, online primary school English lessons are also expected to cover creative writing skills across a wide range of literary forms and genres. 

Alongside these activities, your tutor will be building your child’s vocabulary and sentence structure in order to help them write with a higher quality of written communication. 

Through effective and regular communication with your child’s tutor, you will be able to request certain areas of primary English to be focused on during their lessons together. 

Online primary school english

Primary English FAQ

As a result of the ever-growing class sizes of primary English lessons, primary school teachers are sometimes unable to provide the one-on-one assistance that your child may benefit from. In turn, you may find that teachers may not recognise the specific needs of your child. This is one of the key benefits of online primary school English lessons. For parents and guardians that have not tried online tuition before, below are some of the most frequently asked questions for online KS1 and KS2 lessons.

Why is primary English important?

Primary English includes the core skills that your child needs to unlock their potential in almost all other subjects throughout primary and secondary school. Through targeted study of these skills, your child can reach their full potential throughout their academic career.

What will my child gain from online primary school English lessons?

Not only do online lessons provide the opportunity for your child to pinpoint their weaknesses in primary English, but they also allow your child’s confidence to blossom through direct one-on-one attention. 

If you have an interest in online primary school English lessons for your child, please do get in touch with us to discuss further.

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