Online Primary Maths Tutors

For students that are just starting their transition to a full-time school environment, online KS1 and KS2 tuition is crucial for developing academic and vocational skills. 

With primary Maths specifically, some students may feel behind in the curriculum and as a result, stand to benefit greatly from online primary school Maths lessons.

Our primary Maths tutors are on hand to help your children feel more comfortable with Maths lessons at schools and to feel more confident completing primary Maths homework themselves.

Online Primary Maths Tutors

Our online primary school Maths tuition covers the whole range of National Curriculum topics in KS1 and KS2 that are taught, from Year 1 all the way up to Year 6. 

We also have primary Maths tutors who will prepare your children in working towards 7+, 8+, and 11+ tests as well as the National Curriculum SATs and CATs which are sat at the end of primary school. 

Online KS1 and KS2 lessons carried out by tutors from Notebook Tutors have been regularly reviewed as high-quality and resulting in great improvements of knowledge and primary Maths skills overall. 

Meet Our Primary Maths Tutors

Our online primary school Maths tutors have experience teaching primary Maths, to ensure that they have more full knowledge of the National Curriculum in delivering primary Maths lessons to your child. 

Whether covering homework with your child or reintroducing them to Maths concepts that they may not have quite grasped in school, our tutors will aim to deliver high-quality and efficient tutoring for your child.

Regarding younger students, our tutors will aim to deliver a firm and solid understanding of number logic and reasoning. They will develop an outlook to build on more detailed perceptions in the form of word problems and more abstract forms of questioning. 

With older students, if required, our primary Maths tutoring will aim to target the style of the SATs, a necessary set of tests at the end of primary school. Through encouragement from our best online KS1 and KS2 tutors, your child’s primary Maths performance will be on track towards great levels of improvement.

Online primary school maths

What is included in Primary Maths

At Notebook Tutors, online primary school Maths lessons can consist of a range of topics and approaches, usually focused on the optimal learning style of your child. Our primary Maths tutors will be well versed in tailoring your child’s learning towards their weaknesses and strengths. 

After an initial lesson, primary Maths lessons will be navigated in accordance with the National Curriculum and supplemented by regular lesson reports to Notebook Tutors provided by the tutor. As a parent, you can be certain that communication regarding your child’s progression is regular and efficient.

Our online primary Maths lessons will aim to provide encouragement for all pupils from Year 1 to 6 in developing their mastery of core topics within the Maths syllabus. With online KS1 and KS2 lessons greatly varying in content depending on your child’s needs, the top priority for each tutor be different. 

Overall, your tutor will be working towards academic and personal improvements including your child showing how they work out problems. This will result in improved grades as well as heightened confidence when approaching some of the more challenging primary Maths topics. 

For Years 5 to 6, online primary school Maths lessons are more likely to encourage more positive approaches to test-style questioning. This will include preparation for any 11+ tests your child will need to sit as a requirement for secondary school, or alternatively, the end of primary school SATs and potentially CATs tests. 

For year groups lower than this, it is most likely that your child’s primary Maths tutor will intend to place greater focus on mastery of any topics they struggle with. 

Learn more about Primary Maths

As per the National Curriculum set out by the British Government, Notebook Tutors’ online KS1 and KS2 tuition will work to prepare your child for the more demanding content of secondary school Maths. 

From the core concepts to a greater understanding of numerical logic, our tutors will assist your child in developing their mathematical skills, whatever their areas of weakness may be. 

Under the British curriculum, online primary Maths lessons are also expected to cover a range of question styles. Mental Maths questions, word problems and questions that demand proof of working are all areas that will be consistently worked on throughout your child’s course of online learning. 

Primary Maths FAQ

With primary Maths tuition on the rise, Notebook Tutors has been committed to providing effective and long-lasting learning opportunities for students that require extra help. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from parents and children that are new to online KS1 and KS2 lessons. 

Why is primary Maths important?

With class sizes in primary schools becoming more saturated with student numbers year by year, it is becoming increasingly apparent that not all students progress at the same rate and some require dedicated, one-on-one tuition that not all schools are able to give. 

Online KS1 and KS2 Maths lessons can help your child to develop their numerical skills further, allowing them the opportunity to obtain more than average results in their SATs at the end of primary school. 

In turn, this has the potential to encourage your child to maintain a good level of engagement with academics; providing them with a higher level of knowledge and achievement throughout their academic career.

What will my child learn in online primary Maths lessons?

Your child will learn a range of mathematical skills, varying from basic operations to the development of early algebraic skills in the later years of primary Maths. As with all Notebook Tutors online tuition, the customization of our online KS1 and KS2 lessons will fit the needs of your child, and updates are made to lesson content in order to suit the changing academic needs of students and the National Curriculum. 

If you have any further questions about online primary Maths lessons, or wish to register interest in online lessons, please do get in touch with us here at Notebook Tutors to discuss lessons for your child.

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