Physics Tuition

Physics tuition is a request commonly made by our clients, due to the difficulty of this challenging subject. Physics is really important in the school curriculum as every student has to study it until at least GCSE, whether in the form of single or double Science GCSE or the three individual Sciences. Physics is also an excellent subject to choose to study at a higher level: at A-level or International Baccalaureate it is valued by prestigious universities and allows access to some of the best undergraduate degrees. Studying Physics at university can open up careers in anything from engineering, manufacturing, computing and research science to teaching, patent law, science writing, and even banking and finance. Our experienced Physics tutors can provide valuable assistance so students achieve highly in this subject.subject-page-physics

Physics is the study of how everything in the universe works, from the incredibly small to the infinitely large. Within Physics you can study sub­atomic particles and the forces that bind them together or push them apart; you can also study planets, stars, supernovae, and galaxies; and you can study everything in between. Physics requires the ability to visualise and analyse systems; you also need strong mathematical skills and a capacity to understand abstract concepts. This subject rewards hard work: the student will develop strong problem­ solving skills and acquire a highly valued qualification, at whichever level they are studying Physics.

Notebook Tutors has many highly qualified and experienced Physics tutors, some of whom already hold or are studying towards a PhD in Physics. We have tutors who teach Physics in combination with other subjects such as Maths or the other two Sciences, and it is common for our students to have the same tutor for both Maths and Physics, or all three Sciences. Other Physics tutors specialise only in Physics tuition, and can be hugely effective in improving performance in this particular subject. Physics tuition can be provided either at home or online.