Primary School Tuition

Notebook Tutors can provide highly experienced tutors for primary school tuition. We view primary tuition as a specialised area, requiring primary school tutors with different skills than are needed for secondary tuition; and we rigorously assess tutors for these skills when they apply to work with us.


At primary school children are expected to learn and develop at a very fast pace, which can be challenging and can affect children’s confidence if they have difficulty keeping up. While most work at primary school focuses on the fundamental subjects of Maths and English, children will study numerous topics within these subjects, and for some this can be overwhelming. Many of these topics are disjointed, and so the approach of our primary tutors is to review all of the topics covered during the previous year of study to ensure that students know everything they should know. Each of our tutors has their own particular tutoring style but all have a clear understanding of the gentle, encouraging and fun approach which works best for children at this stage.


For some students, the curriculum as taught at their school may not be sufficiently demanding, and some parents request tutoring to extend and challenge their academically gifted children. We have several primary school tutors who enjoy this kind of work and who can help your child to achieve in ways they simply could not have managed through school alone. This is particularly useful for children who are applying for entry to some of the most academically competitive schools in London.


A specific area of primary tutoring is preparing children for the 11+ and other school entrance examinations, and we have a wealth of experience in preparing students for these exams and getting them to the required standard.


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