Online primary tuition

If you are a parent or guardian with a primary school student that is in need of some additional academic assistance, we at Notebook Tutors are here to help. Providing some of the best quality online and face-to-face primary school tuition, our tutors have been positively reviewed over thousands of hours of teaching for efficient primary school tuition. 

With more and more parents and guardians turning to the prospects of grammar schools and selective education opportunities, the popularity of primary school tuition as well as help with 11+ exam preparation has absolutely skyrocketed. Whether working towards general academic improvement for your child, or perhaps a target of certain scores on the national SATs at the end of Year 6, or 11+ exams, our tutors will know exactly how to cater for your child with specialised primary school tuition. 

If you would like to register interest in our primary school tuition to aid your child’s academic progression in their primary school studies, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at Notebook Tutors. We advise getting in contact before the start of the academic year due to the inundation of requests we receive.

Online primary tuition

At Notebook Tutors, we understand the predicament that larger primary school class sizes have posed to students across the country. With students progressing at completely different speeds to one another, the extra attention provided by primary school tuition can assist your child in getting back on track to hit their attainment targets. 

Whether you are looking for targeted 11+ exam preparation, an improvement of core skills such as reading, writing and mathematics, our highly skilled tutors can work with your child on a one-on-one basis to give them the specialised educational resources that they need. 

With our primary school tuition here at Notebook Tutors, we aim to cover all the core skills of English and Maths, as well as offer supplementary tuition for additional topics covered by schools. This includes the Sciences, any topics of History and Geography, as well as any general skills of spelling and writing. 

If your child is looking to develop their academic prowess for the 11+ exam or a similar test, then our specialised tutors will work to curate a personalised set of lesson plans as part of your child’s course of primary school tuition. 

Overall, our primary school tutors will adapt to suit any of your child’s needs with their primary school studies. 

Primary School Tuition

Meet our primary tutors

Our primary school tutors are experts in the field of helping those under the age of twelve with their core skills, as well as pushing those students who are gifted and talented in their own respects. For parents and guardians who are looking to push the limits of your children’s academic potential, our tutors have a wealth of experience in catering to these needs.

Having undergone DBS checks and thorough teaching and character referencing processes, our hiring team at Notebook Tutors can assure all parents and guardians that our primary school tutors are fully qualified to assist your child through periods of academic difficulty. 

Due to the high level of training and expertise that our tutors have, at Notebook Tutors we encourage the view of primary school tuition as a long-term opportunity. Most students have successfully gone through their primary school studies with the same tutor across their formative years. 

As a result, these students are more comfortable sharing their strengths and weaknesses with their tutor and their primary school tuition has given them unprecedented opportunities of academic improvement. 

What is included in primary tuition

Focusing on the improvement of core skills in written communication and arithmetic logic form the basic components of primary school tuition, but the lessons here at Notebook Tutors also aim to prepare primary school students for their 7+, 8+, 10+ and 11+ exams, whichever may be applicable. 

With a vast arsenal of knowledge surrounding the best techniques for revision, our tutors will be able to assist with verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and arithmetic tests. With primary school studies in school focusing more on the targets for SATs rather than the 11+ exams, taking primary school tuition to specialise your child’s academic prowess is the best and most effective step to take. 

Through regular periods of informal assessments, your child’s tutor will be able to track the student’s progress through their primary school tuition. The 11+ exam results that have been achieved as a result of consistent and regular tuition with our tutors from Notebook Tutors is a testament to the standard of academic achievement achieved through targeting specifically for these exams. 

Learn about primary school tuition

We at Notebook Tutors are passionate about younger students getting as much support as possible for their academic journey. Not only does success in primary school studies usually pave the way to further educational opportunities, but it also helps to foster a sense of enthusiasm for education as a whole. 

For students, this also enables them to feel much more confident about subjects and concepts they are studying. It is through the clear and transparent communication between student, tutor and parent that this is possible. 

Primary school tuition FAQ

For those parents and guardians that are considering taking up primary school tuition for their children, we would advise doing this in good time. Giving your child more one-on-one time with their primary school studies tutor will result in better achievements across their national SATs and 11+ exams if they are taking this. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding primary school tuition. 

How can primary school tuition help with the 11+ exam?

Our tutors who are well trained in delivering specific 11+ exam preparation, and will be able to identify where your child may need extra support with concepts of verbal and non-verbal reasoning that may not be covered in school. 

What will my child cover in primary school tuition?

Your child is likely to cover revision of core topics introduced in school (Maths and English) and if applicable, mastery of this content at a gifted and talented level.

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