A-level Biology Private Tutors

After countless lockdowns and the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic finally starting to see a decline here in the UK, Notebook Tutors is ready to announce that in-person lessons in London for private A-level Biology tuition with our face to face A-level Biology tutors are available to book once more. If you are a parent or guardian that wishes to enrol your child onto a course of tuition with our private A-level Biology tutors, you are now able to register interest for in-person sessions. 

With our tutors having only been able to teach online for the past two academic years, the benefits of in-person Biology tuition are ready to reap once more. Securing better academic achievement across the board, enhancing confidence and boosting enthusiasm for A-level Biology, our face-to-face A-level Biology tutors have the training and preparation necessary to tutor your child towards success. 

At Notebook Tutors, we believe that private A-level Biology tuition can benefit any and every student studying such a dense and difficult Science, no matter what skill level your child may be working at. Combining regular tuition with positive reinforcement from both home and school, your child can be on course to achieve and even exceed their predicted grades for A-level Biology. 

A-level Biology Private Tutors

Considering the difficulty of A-level Biology, requests for private A-level Biology tuition have been increasingly popular over the past few years. With school class sizes getting larger every year, there are always some students that may be less accustomed to their teachers’ pace of delivering the lesson and as a result, may need extra time on core topics. 

Here at Notebook Tutors, we specialise in providing support for these situations and have been hiring only the best of the best private A-level Biology tutors for your child. We are confident that our tutor team at the agency surpasses the reputation of most other agencies in the business, with every tutor needing to pass an initial screening stage, an interview, as well as DBS checks, background checks and teaching as well as character references. We also ensure that any tutor at Notebook Tutors has the relevant qualifications necessary to deliver private A-level Biology tuition. 

Not only does this ensure that they have the right level of knowledge and experience to teach the subject, but also demonstrates their capability to relate to the student’s struggles in studying the subject. If you have any specific requirements that you are looking for in our private A-level Biology tutors, feel free to let us know and we will aim to fulfil your requests. 

Meet Our A-level Biology Tutors Face to Face

Our face-to-face A-level Biology tutors will conduct in-person sessions at your preferred London address and will work on your requested availability. With in-person private A-level Biology tuition, your child will have the opportunity to build the ever-crucial student to tutor relationship much more efficiently; allowing them to feel more comfortable sharing their academic concerns and weaknesses. 

After the tutor matching team has set your child a tutor, an initial lesson will take place where our face-to-face A-level Biology tutors will conduct a series of activities to assess your child’s current working level and where improvement is required. Alongside this, the initial session will also work to understand the best mode of learning for your child. 

Your child’s tutor may find that your child learns more efficiently when having conversations about the topic or when they are answering questions. Either way, our private A-level Biology tutors will utilise this information to customise your child’s course of learning to their specific needs. 

Private A-level Biology tutors

What Is Included In A-level Biology Private Tuition

Private A-level Biology tuition is currently seeing a large increase in demand due to the pandemic’s online schooling not providing students with enough consolidation of their knowledge. Depending on what your child is currently struggling with and what your child’s tutor gathers from their initial lesson, our private A-level Biology tutors may choose to move forward in a number of ways. 

For those students that are struggling with knowledge and remembering the vast number of keywords and definitions that come with the subject’s specification, your tutor may suggest short-form questions and regular recaps of words for memorisation. In cases where students are approaching their final exams and are comfortable with their knowledge but not their technique, then exam-style questions paired with advice on how to manage time whilst in exams may be the best learning for your child. 

Learn More About A-level Biology Private Tuition

As with all of the A-level Sciences, A-level Biology is an extremely dense specification with several sixth forms already offering extra hours after school in order to cover the entire specification. With the assistance of our face-to-face A-level Biology tutors delivering private tuition to compensate for the extra time your child may need to spend studying, the chance of them achieving their full academic potential is dramatically increased. 

Depending on their progress through the A-level so far and whether they are in Year 12 or Year 13, your tutor may suggest that an hour a week is sufficient for your child’s private A-level Biology tuition. However, if you would like to request more, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

A-level Biology FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding private A-level Biology tuition with our face-to-face A-level Biology tutors. 

What resources will face-to-face A-level Biology tutors use?

Our private tutors are encouraged to stick to the curriculum and use their own resources. Spending one-on-one time with your child will allow them to fully understand what resources work best for them and will be capable of producing fully customised lesson plans for their use. 

Does my child really need private A-level Biology tuition?

At Notebook Tutors, we believe that every student of every skill level can stand to benefit from additional, individually customised tuition in A-level Biology. Even if your child is already on track to receive their target grades, we believe that it can always be helpful to revise a little bit more to ensure success. Students who major in biology have more options when it comes to their career prospects. With a biology degree, your child will have access to a wide range of exciting job opportunities.

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