A-level Chemistry Private Tutors

With all three of the A-level Sciences becoming very popular amongst today’s A-level cohorts, the interest in obtaining private A-level Chemistry tuition has also been increasing simultaneously. Here at Notebook Tutors, our online private A-level Chemistry tutors have been busy working away with clients around the country. Now that the Coronavirus pandemic is less severe here in the UK, we can now allow our face-to-face A-level Chemistry tutors to resume in-person private A-level Chemistry tuition in London.

If you know a student of A-level Chemistry that is struggling to keep up in class, or a Year 13 student that feels underprepared for their end of year examinations, we at Notebook Tutors will be able to help. With a tutor base that has a vast range of experiences teaching at A-level and familiar with several skill levels within A-level Chemistry, we will be able to find the best of our face-to-face A-level Chemistry tutors for you. 

If you would like to register interest in our tuition, we would advise doing so as soon as possible so as to secure a place for your child and to avoid disappointment. Once we receive your request, we will be in touch to discuss your availability and next steps towards obtaining tuition with one of our private A-level Chemistry tutors. 

A-level Chemistry Private Tutors

Our private A-level Chemistry tutors are all ready to provide some of the best tuition in the country for students who are finding it hard to balance all the content that is part of the A-level Chemistry specification. Throughout all of the exam boards offered at A-level, there is very little discrepancy in content, but quite a large difference in technique and approach to exam structure. 

Regardless of the exam board that your child is taking or their current working grade, our private A-level Chemistry tutors will be able to tackle their areas of weakness and work to improve them by the end of the year. Notebook Tutors would also like to reassure parents of the high quality of teaching that our face-to-face A-level Chemistry tutors provide. Having gone through an intensive onboarding process and filtered through the standards of our hiring team, we provide targeted tuition through tutors with both lived and taught experience of A-level Chemistry. 

Meet Our A-Level GCSE Chemistry Tutors Face to Face

With in-person lessons returning to the tutoring agenda, A-level students can once again benefit from the experience of being taught individually and face to face. With the opportunity to ask questions to their tutor openly, your child will be able to tackle any areas of doubt in the A-level Chemistry specification as soon as they come up. In return, our private A-level Chemistry tutors will have the experience necessary to tailor the lesson structure towards your child’s needs. 

After tutor selection, your child will have the opportunity to have an initial lesson with one of our face-to-face A-level Chemistry tutors. During this session, your child’s tutor will be looking for areas where the student’s understanding appears weaker, or any moments where there is hesitation to share their answer. Due to the training and hours of experience that our private A-level Chemistry tutors have, indications like these will help to shape your child’s customised course of learning that their tutor will compile. 

Private A-level Chemistry tutors

What Is Included In A-level Chemistry Private Tuition

A-levels in any of the Sciences are indeed heavy subjects, with some school and sixth forms offering after-school classes in order to provide ample time to study the subject. For this reason, Notebook Tutors is passionate about offering A-level Science tuition for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our private A-level Chemistry tutors are also ready to deliver revision tips on the core Maths and English skills that are necessary for succeeding at the subject. 

Quality of written communication for longer form questions, and an understanding of formulae, standard form and percentages are a must for excelling at A-level Chemistry, which is why all of our face-to-face A-level Chemistry tutors will be ready to provide resources for practising these skills if necessary. 

Depending on your child’s progress through the A-level, your tutor may decide to focus more on a segmented approach towards revising the curriculum. Prioritisation of the more complex topics will be key to success for most students, whereas for those who feel much more confident in their consolidation of the specification, private A-level Chemistry tutors will look to perfecting exam technique.

Learn More About A-level Chemistry Private Tuition

The subject of A-level Science as a whole opens many doors of opportunity, both academic and professional. Students that demonstrate excellent achievement in a subject as challenging as A-level Chemistry are in high regard to competitive institutions such as Russell Group universities and apprenticeship providers. 

Other A-levels such as Biology and Physics pair well with the subject as Sciences, but a popular combination of subjects is also A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics instead. If you are also looking for tutoring in another one of these subjects, you may find that your child’s tutor also teaches one of these. Usually, it is more effective for one tutor to teach your child in case of any specification crossovers. 

A-level Chemistry FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding private A-level Chemistry tuition as delivered by our face-to-face A-level Chemistry tutors. 

What will my child gain from private A-level Chemistry tuition?

Not only will your child gain further knowledge to secure their predicted grades for their A-level examinations, but they will also be able to use our private A-level Chemistry tutors as a valuable resource for receiving personalised revision tips and tricks. Take a look at this article from Success at School to learn more about why your child should study Chemistry.

How can I support my child in A-level Chemistry from home?

At Notebook Tutors, we believe that a little positive reinforcement goes a long way when paired with consistent hard work and regular private A-level Chemistry tuition. As a parent or guardian, it can always be helpful to check in with your child and make sure they feel supported by school, their tutor and yourselves!

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