A level Private English Tutors

If your child is struggling with progressing in A-level English, both Literature and Language, then our private A-level English tutors here at Notebook Tutors are here to help. Well-trained and ready to assist your child with consolidating their skills in core assessment objectives, our face-to-face A-level English tutors are able to target your child’s weaknesses and improve their overall grade. 

For parents and guardians that may have had to take a break from in-person tutoring due to the effects of the Coronavirus lockdowns over the past two years, we at Notebook Tutors are confident that our private A-level English tuition can reconvene in-person once more. If you would like to register interest in matching your child with one of our private A-level English tutors, we would advise getting in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

With A-level English Literature and Language having some of the highest boundaries for grades issues, interest in our private A-level English tutors has been increasingly drastically. We advise that parents and guardians take a long-term view towards our private A-level English tuition and arrange for at least an academic year’s worth of lessons. This way, the consistency and regularity of work will become part of your child’s routine, increasing the chances of better grades across the board. 

A level Private English Tutors

Our private A-level English tutors have immense amounts of experience teaching a wide variety of English A-level students with a difference in weaknesses. Whether you are looking for a tutor that can just help your child by giving them extra resources in addition to school, or you need one of our private A-level English tutors that can supplement their learning by re-consolidating knowledge of texts, Notebook Tutors will be able to help. 

We can assure all parents and guardians that are clients of the agency that our private A-level English tuition is of the highest standard. If you have any doubts about the quality of our tutors’ teaching, we would like to invite you to have a look at some of our most recent client testimonies, where you can see the overwhelmingly positive results our private A-level English tutors have managed to achieve with students. 

Additionally, we can attest to the quality and integrity of our private A-level English tutors due to the rigorous hiring standards that we maintain at the agency. We only hire tutors that have the relevant qualifications in their taught subjects and are able to produce exceptional character references in support of their teaching ability. Once this has been corroborated by our hiring team, we are ready to match our face-to-face A-level English tutors with our clients. 

Meet Our A-level English Tutors face to face

Now that in-person A-level English lessons can go ahead once more, Notebook Tutors would like to remind parents and guardians of the many benefits that come with enrolling your child in private A-level English tuition with our face-to-face A-level English tutors. Not only can more in-depth discussion around A-level English texts take place when in-person, but students can also feel more comfortable fostering a professional relationship with tutors when face-to-face. This can result in a more transparent system of communication where students are able to freely share their academic concerns and request recaps for topics that they may not have fully consolidated yet.  

After the tutor matching process, our team will approach both parties to arrange an initial lesson at your preferred availability and address. At this stage, we advise parents and students to have key information ready to provide during private A-level English tuition so as to make the session as smooth as possible. This may include past essays that have scored exceptionally high or lower than expected, previous exam results, and information about current texts and exam board studied.

Private A level English tutors

What Is Included In A-level English Private Tuition

With such a wide variety of texts studied across all A-level exam boards for English Literature and an ever-growing question base for A-level English Language, our private A-level English tutors are ready to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and supplement their learning with ease. Whether your child needs extra resources to consolidate their knowledge, or more time spent analysing language together, private A-level English tuition can boost chances of achieving predicted grades and beyond. 

For English Literature, your tutor may find it beneficial to go through essay plans and structures with your child; ensuring that they are ready for the wide variety of questions that can arise. For English Language, our face-to-face A-level English tutors will be ready to provide resources that test technical and linguistic knowledge and skills of close reading. Of course, if you have any specific requests for content in your child’s private A-level English tuition, let us know and we will try our best to cater to your requirements.

Learn More About A-Level English Private Tuition

With the popularity of A-level English rising and the achievement of higher grades declining, academic success in the subject is slowly becoming synonymous with exceptional academic potential. Universities across the world are searching for keen essayists, especially at some of the more competitive institutions, and private A-level English tuition can help your child to secure better opportunities in the future. Take a look at this table comparing the best universities, courses, prospects, and career options for English in 2022.

English A-level FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding private A-level English tuition. 

Can private A-level English tutors teach my child both Language and Literature?

This will depend on the teaching experience of the tutor that you are matched with but be sure to specify your exact requirements for your child when you contact us to ensure that you are with the tutor that is right for you. 

What can face-to-face tuition do for my child?

The presence of in-person tutoring can create a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm for A-level English, due to the ease of communication and the efficiency in establishing an effective student-tutor relationship.

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