A level Private Maths Tutors

Private A-level Maths tuition here at Notebook Tutors is one of the most popular courses requested by parents.  With the necessity of online lessons in place of face-to-face tuition due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our private A-level Maths tutors are now ready and trained to deliver assistance with Maths in-person.

If you feel that your child requires additional assistance with core A-level Maths topics covered at school, our face-to-face A-level Maths tutors have great experience in providing targeted guidance to A-level Maths students. With the A-level Maths syllabus being one of the densest subjects available on the curriculum, our private A-level Maths tutors understand how helpful one-on-one tuition can be. After providing details about you and your child’s availability and preferred address, our face-to-face A-level Maths tutors will happily deliver tuition in-person.

At Notebook Tutors, we experience very high demand for our tuition due to the high quality of teaching our private A-level Maths tutors deliver. As a result, we advise parents and guardians that are looking for a tutor to get in touch as soon as possible in order to register interest. Our tutor matching team will be in contact shortly after to discuss the best arrangement for your child. 

A level Private Maths Tutors

Our private A-level Maths tuition has regular positive reviews, proving to increase confidence in children when completing A-level Maths lessons, as well as their consolidation of their knowledge. Private A-level Maths tutors at Notebook Tutors deliver a high standard of teaching, which we are well known for providing. We maintain this standard through strict and rigorous hiring standards at the agency, requiring adequate qualifications, satisfactory background checks and teaching and character references before beginning work with Notebook Tutors. 

Thanks to this in-depth process, we are able to reassure parents and guardians that our tutors are more than qualified to be assisting your child with their A-level Maths academic concerns. Whether your child is struggling to find effective methods for revision or needs to put in the extra hours in order to understand core areas of the A-level Maths specification, private A-level Maths tuition is sure to help. 

Face-to-face A-level Maths tutors will also be conducting lessons safely and responsibly in light of the pandemic while at your address. If you have any concerns or special requirements for your child’s tutor to take into consideration when conducting private A-level Maths tuition, please do not hesitate to get in contact and let us know. 

Meet Our A-level Maths Tutors Face to Face

With online lessons having an exponential increase in the last eighteen months as a result of lockdowns and reduced social contact, the return of in-person lessons and face-to-face A-level Maths tutors stands to benefit children in plenty of ways. 

The added benefits of being taught in-person can include a more efficient and effective relationship between student and tutor. This can lead to students being much more confident to share any academic or personal hurdles they may feel they are facing when tackling A-level Maths. Therefore, students can work to overcome any barriers to fulfilling their academic potential with ease. 

Additionally, we at Notebook Tutors believe in transparent and effective communication, which has a higher chance of being achieved in-person. Getting to know your child and their needs through a face-to-face experience will allow our private A-level Maths tutors to better comprehend what they stand to gain from tuition. By using this information, your tutor will be able to customise their lesson plans and any homework they decide to issue, to cater to your child’s optimal style of learning. 

Private A level Maths tutors

What Is Included In A-level Maths Private Tuition

Understandably, some parents and guardians may be looking for more information on what can be expected from private A-level Maths tuition. In truth, Notebook Tutors provides many different styles of tuition due to the both the needs of our students and their learning style. 

After registering interest with us and having a tutor matching team member provide your child with a tutor, an initial lesson will then take place at your preferred address. This lesson will serve as a first impression for all parties, which is why we suggest parents, guardians and students prepare any information they feel will be helpful for the tutor to know. This may include previously achieved grades, a list of current A-level Maths topics that prove difficult for the students, and exam board information. 

For both Year 12 and Year 13 students, your child’s tutor will be looking to identify any key weaknesses in the initial lesson that should be the centre of private A-level Maths tuition. Read this guide from AMSP (Advanced Maths Support Programme) about A Level Maths courses your child can take and possible opportunities to attend Maths events.

Learn More About The A-Level Math Private Tuition

Our private A-level Maths tutors will have a qualification in A-level Maths themselves and will be familiar with all variations of exam boards at this level. We make this a requirement for our tutors so that they are well-equipped to identify and cater for your child’s academic concerns with regards to this well-regarded subject. 

Success in A-level Maths translates well to further academic successes and greater chance of obtaining preferred employment opportunities in the future. As a result, Notebook Tutors believes that private A-level Maths tuition stands to benefit every student, regardless of their predicted grades. 

Our private A-level Maths tutors will include a range of topics in their private A-level Maths tuition including revision of core topics, introduction of advanced, higher-mark questions and exam techniques. 

A-level Maths FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding private A-level Maths tuition. 

How can private A-level Maths tutors help my child?

By investing in one-on-one time for your child to work on their A-level Maths skills, they will have the opportunity to revise and consolidate any knowledge that they have doubts on; securing their chance to achieve their full academic potential in their end of year examinations. 

Why are face-to-face A-level Maths tutors beneficial?

The face-to-face aspect of private A-level Maths tuition can lead to children feeling more encouraged and positively reinforced by their tutor. They will also feel comfortable in sharing their concerns and asking to go over concepts again, allowing for a more effective course of learning. 

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