French GCSE Private Tutors

With Modern Foreign languages across several levels becoming increasingly popular, here at Notebook Tutors, we have been seeing a huge increase in the demand for private French GCSE tuition. Schools across the country are seeing an increase in studying foreign languages, with students having the ambition to study abroad in the future. With our private French GCSE tutors, your child can increase their chances of achieving better than  their predicted grades. 

If you are a parent or guardian who is looking to enrol their child into private French GCSE tuition with our face-to-face French GCSE tutors, we would advise getting in touch as soon as possible to ensure you receive a tutor in time for the academic year to begin. We do offer tuition for students mid-way through the academic year as well, but we usually advise that our private French GCSE tuition is much more effective when carried out long-term. 

Now that in-person tutoring sessions can commence once again, our face-to-face French GCSE tutors are ready to provide some of the best tutoring in the country to your child, in order to assist them through areas of difficulty with their French GCSE proficiency. 

French GCSE Private Tutors

Our private French GCSE tutors are subject to rigorous checks when going through the hiring process, which allows our team at the agency to reassure parents with confidence that they will be receiving top-level tutoring with us at Notebook Tutors. For subjects such as French GCSE and other Modern Foreign Languages, we deem it necessary that face-to-face French GCSE tutors demonstrate a high level of dedication to the subject through past teaching experience and achieved qualifications. 

Our tutors are also capable of adapting lesson plans and their teaching styles to fit the requirements of you and your child. If you believe that teaching using visual aids is something that your child responds well to, you can let us know and we will pass the relevant information on to our private French GCSE tutors. 

Additionally, our tutors will have hours of experience already which will go through verification via teaching and character references that our hiring team request before onboarding any private French GCSE tutors. This level of in-depth experience will mean that your child’s tutor will be able to assess their current working proficiency extremely efficiently during their initial lesson with the student. 

Meet Our A-Level French GCSE Tutors Face to Face

With the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic reducing significantly over the past summer, the era of online school and online tutoring is slowly coming to an end, with the resuming of in-person sessions taking place again. Our face-to-face French GCSE tutors are available for tutoring at your preferred address, giving your child the direct encouragement and tailored resources they need to achieve their predicted grades. 

Additionally, our tutors will be able to provide more effective lessons when teaching your child in person. When private French GCSE tuition is face-to-face, there is a much higher chance of students feeling comfortable enough to share the smallest of doubts and uncertainties regarding the French language. Especially with a subject as complex as French GCSE, it is much more efficient to engage in speaking and listening activities face-to-face to dispel any doubts of pronunciation or comprehension.

What Is Included In French GCSE Private Tuition

Private French GCSE tuition covers a wide range of skills, including the core four areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening. Depending on the GCSE that your child is taking, these skills may be in different units of examination. We advise that if you know the information regarding your child’s end of year examinations, plus any previous progress reports or homework grades from school, to provide them when registering interest for our private French GCSE tuition. 

Your child’s tuition with our face-to-face French GCSE tutors will commence with an initial lesson, where your tutor will be delivering a series of different activities to test your child’s current working level. Through these targeted activities, our well-trained private French GCSE tutors will be able to identify any hesitancies that your child has with the French language. From there, your tutor will have enough information to make a brief assessment of your child’s skills and lay out a plan for moving forward. 

Private French GCSE tutors

Learn More About French GCSE private tuition

French GCSE, and other Modern Foreign Language GCSEs, are increasing in academic respect and integrity at all levels. With multi-language studies opening up ever-increasing numbers of opportunities for students both academically and professionally, our private French GCSE tutors have the utmost determination to help steer your child towards fulfilling their academic potential. 

With excellent success in the French GCSE, your child will have the opportunity to progress seamlessly to French A-level. From there, your child could potentially progress to study Modern Foreign Languages at a university level or pursue work in a French-speaking workplace. Whatever your goals may be, academic or personal, our private French GCSE tutors will work to help your child get there as efficiently as possible. 


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding private French GCSE tuition. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact and Notebook Tutors will try to answer them to the best of our ability. 

What can my child gain from regular private French GCSE tuition?

Working regularly with our face-to-face French GCSE tutors, your child will have the opportunity to reach their full academic potential and achieve their predicted grades through targeted individual tutoring. Your child’s tutor will deliver specific homework tasks depending on their current difficulties in order to achieve a mastery of the French GCSE specification. Take a look at this article from TES to learn more about why your child should take a foreign language until the end of their schooling.

How can I support my child in their French GCSE studies? 

At Notebook Tutors, we believe that the ultimate academic recipe to success lies in the combination of your child’s persistent hard work, positive reinforcement from their tutor and encouragement from home as well. 

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