Private GCSE English Tutors

Teaching GCSE English has become more popular than ever over the past few academic years, with students progressing at different rates of academic achievement. With some students moving forward faster than others, those left behind may struggle to obtain guidance and assistance from their class teachers. At Notebook Tutors, we provide private GCSE English tutors to lend a helping hand to any GCSE English students who may be struggling. 

Our face-to-face English tutors have been in high demand yet again, after two academic years of conducting private English tuition predominantly online. Now that the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic has lessened here in the UK, we at Notebook Tutors are confident and comfortable with restarting in-person lessons in London with our private GCSE English tutors. 

If you are a parent or guardian that would like to secure private English tuition for your child, we would advise getting in contact with us here at Notebook Tutors as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. As a general timeline, we also advise that your place your interest in obtaining tuition with one of our face-to-face English tutors before the academic year begins.

Private GCSE English Tutors

Our Private GCSE English tutors have been thoroughly vetted and background checked before being matched with your child for private English tuition. This background check involves a process of obtaining a clear DBS check, suitable for working with children, as well as teaching and character references from previous clients. After ascertaining that our tutors are well-rounded in their previous teaching experience and have the relevant qualifications, they then join our team. 

Any private GCSE English tutors that work for us here at Notebook Tutors have a wide range of experiences; working with both gifted and talented students, as well as those that may be struggling in class. In both cases, your child’s tutor will be prepared to assess your child’s current working level in GCSE English and provide a customised course of learning dependent on their specific needs. 

Meet Our English GCSE Tutors Face to Face

At Notebook Tutors, we understand how important it is for both parents or guardians and children to have their private English tuition taught by one of our face-to-face English tutors. The act of being taught in person contributes to the student’s feeling of support and encouragement being amplified, through the establishment of a better tutor-to-student relationship. 

After we receive interest from our clients in pursuing English tuition with our private GCSE English tutors, we then begin the tutor matching process. This process takes into account your preferred availability, your preferred address where you would like the tuition to take place and any other special considerations. 

Upon matching, your child’s tutor will then reach out to arrange the first lesson. At this point, we at Notebook Tutors suggest that it will be most useful to share any currently known strengths and weaknesses of your child’s performance in GCSE English. Part of this information may include their most recent grades, comments on school reports and an example of their recent homework. If your child needs help with GCSE English Literature specifically, it will also be valuable to share the names of texts that they are working on in school.

These resources, accompanied by the trial lesson, will allow our face-to-face English tutors to ascertain where your child needs assistance and what their course of private English tuition should focus on. 

What Is Included In English Private Tuition

The content of your child’s private English tuition will depend on what our private GCSE English tutors learn about your child’s academic potential. With GCSE English being quite vast in terms of its subject specification (English Literature and English Language are both included in the qualification), your child’s tutors may suggest a range of methods for academic improvement. 

For GCSE students in Year 10, parents and guardians can expect to receive private English tuition that is a little less exam-focused and more geared to a mastery of texts and an understanding of themes and characters. Alongside this, skills of essay writing and argumentative writing will feature in your child’s lessons, in line with the subject’s assessment objectives. 

For students that are in Year 11, our face-to-face English tutors are more likely to encourage students to plan essays under exam conditions and provide more resources on close analysis and critical thinking; some of the harder skills for GCSE English. 

Our face-to-face English tutors will always be checking in with your child’s progress at school to cater for what they may be covering with their teachers, rather than develop an entirely different syllabus for them. This is another benefit of private English tuition in person, as it allows communication between the tutor and student to be much more effective. Read this guide from the Department of Education to learn more about subject content, assessment objectives, and learning outcomes.

Private GCSE English tutors

Learn More About English Private Tuition

GCSE English private tuition has become one of the most popular subjects for private tuition due to its necessity for further education and its usefulness in employment opportunities. Our private GCSE English tutors are not only able to assist your child in achieving their full academic potential but are also able to cater for the exact exam board that they are studying. 

Our tutors will cover aspects of close analysis, critical thinking, thematic and character-based studies and contexts of texts studied as well. With regards to English Language, tutors will cover comprehension, creative writing and quality of written communication. 

English GCSE FAQ

We suggest in-person sessions of private English tuition for our clients due to the benefits that working with our face-to-face English tutors has. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding GCSE English tuition. 

What will my child’s tutor teach in lessons?

They will cover the GCSE specification for your child’s exam board and cater to their weaknesses in GCSE English through regular activities and revision. 

How can in-person GCSE English tuition be helpful?

Conducting private English tuition in person can allow for better understanding to be fostered between the tutor and student, and allow learning to be much more efficient. This article from GL Assessment highlights the importance of learning how to read in English at home.

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