Private GCSE Maths Tutors

Notebook Tutors provides high-quality private GCSE Maths tutors. We receive regular positive testimonies from clients that have had experiences with our face-to-face Maths tutors. Considering that the past two years have had the result of decreased face to face interaction due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our face-to-face Maths tutors are now ready to work with your children in person again. 

Private GCSE Maths Tutors here at Notebook Tutors have been working online for private Maths tuition and are now available for face to face tuition. We at the agency understand the value of your child being taught in person. It gives your tutor and your child a chance to connect more efficiently and understand each other better. 

If you have any questions about our face-to-face Maths tutors and how private Maths tuition takes place at your home, let us know by getting in contact with us via our website. Similarly, if you would like to register interest in receiving tuition from one of our private GCSE Maths tutors, we would advise getting in contact as soon as possible to ensure you avoid disappointment as our private GCSE Maths tutors are in high demand. 

Private GCSE Maths Tutors

Our private GCSE Maths tutors have been working with GCSE students for a great number of hours, allowing them to have access to several tutoring experiences with students of different levels. This well-rounded set of experiences is something we look for at Notebook Tutors, before hiring any of our private GCSE Maths tutors. 

In addition to confirming the suitability of our potential tutors’ experience, we also conduct thorough Disclosure and Barring Service checks to ensure that they are suitable candidates to work with children. We then request specific character and teaching references from their previous clients as a testimony to their work. 

After all of these checks, we also conduct an interview to determine suitability based on tutors’ responses to question and general behaviour. Essentially, we at Notebook Tutors make sure that we bring only the best private GCSE Maths tutors to our agency.

Meet Our Maths GCSE Tutors Face to Face

Our face-to-face Maths tutors are available for home-based tuition at your address, allowing them to sit down with your child and tackle any issues they may be facing with their GCSE Maths. 

Once you register interest in our face-to-face Maths tutors for private Maths tuition, we handpick tutors from our private GCSE Maths tutors that we believe are the most suitable for the needs of your child. After this tutor matching process, your child’s tutor will reach out to instigate your first session of private Maths tuition. 

This initial trial lesson with one of our face-to-face Maths tutors will be an opportunity for you and your child to share any concerns that you have about your child’s progress. This may take the form of a short conversation at the start of the lesson, outlining strengths and weakness of your child in GCSE Maths that you or their school may have already identified. 

Alternatively, if you are unsure why your child’s performance in GCSE Maths is lower than expected, then your child’s tutor will carry out a skill test through several different activities to ascertain where your child struggles. 

As a result of this form of assessment, your tutor may decide to take one of several paths forward with your child’s private Maths tuition. Our face-to-face Maths tutors are able to efficiently deduce what kind of issues may be preventing the student from achieving their full academic potential. Conducting in-person lessons also makes this easier to ascertain, as your tutor will be trained to identify any hesitations or nervousness that your child may have about GCSE Maths.

What Is Included In Maths Private Tuition

Private Maths tuition may include a detailed revision of the whole GCSE specification, but also may focus on only certain topics. Of course, this is dependant on where your child feels their knowledge is lacking or whether they have a specific academic goal that they are working towards achieving. 

After our face-to-face tutors have had the chance to experience your child’s performance in GCSE Maths, our private GCSE Maths tutors will then curate a personalised course of learning specifically for the individual student. This will involve mastery of topics already covered in class, discussion of any homework topics that your child struggles with, as well as a focus on exam technique as well.

When focussing on exam technique, our face-to-face Maths tutors are ready to provide private Maths tuition to your child regardless of the exam board that they are sitting. Whether AQA, Edexcel, OCR or EDUQAS, our private GCSE Maths tutors are thoroughly up to date with the changes in specification since the 9-1 grading change and understand the best techniques for each board. Read this guide from the Department of Education to learn more about course content, assessment objectives, and learning outcomes when studying GCSE Maths.

Private GCSE Maths tutors

Learn More About Our GCSE Private Tuition

GCSE Maths has become one of the most necessary subjects for young adults. Success in this subject has projections of positive academic performance in other GCSEs and in A-levels and beyond. The subject pairs well with GCSE Science due to the mathematics involved in the study of Chemistry and Physics especially. 

However, the subject itself is necessary for most further education. The content of private Maths tuition will cover core and advanced topics on the GCSE specification including algebra, numerical logic, geometry and shape mathematics and more. 

Maths Tuition FAQ

Our private GCSE Maths tutors have been in increasingly high demand over the past few years, primarily for online tuition. However, with the severity of the Coronavirus lockdowns being reduced over the past few months, the rise in requests for face-to-face Maths tutors has returned. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding private Maths tuition with our face-to-face Maths tutors. 

Where will my child’s tuition take place?

The lessons will take place at your preferred address and happen at your ideal times and dates for availability, which you can disclose upon your registering of interest with us here at Notebook Tutors. 

How can face-to-face tuition be helpful?

Not only can private Maths tuition in general boost the knowledge of your child in GCSE Maths, but studying with a tutor one-on-one in-person can contribute to increased confidence, resulting in improvements in your child’s performance.

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