History GCSE Private Tutors

A subject that is becoming increasingly popular amongst young students, GCSE History is one of the most flexible subjects available to study at the moment. With its specification across all exam boards covering many choices of modules, schools across the country are inspiring students to become more curious about modern and ancient history through the GCSE. At Notebook Tutors, we have many experienced private History GCSE tutors to support your child with this course. 

With any module of GCSE History being quite dense and having a great amount of information packed into one syllabus, private History GCSE tuition has been in great demand; most especially since the lockdowns for Coronavirus necessitated the switch to online school. Through these lessons, students that may require different approaches to learning have not been able to grasp concepts at the same speed as others in their class. 

If you are a parent or carer that has a child studying GCSE History, Notebook Tutors and our team of private History GCSE tutors are ready to help navigate any weaknesses or doubts they may be facing. Now that the lockdowns of the UK seem to be out of sight, Notebook Tutors is also happy to continue offering in-person lessons with our face-to-face History GCSE tutors as well. Revolving around your availability and taking place at your preferred address in London,  we are one of the top agencies in the UK for tutoring. 

History GCSE Private Tutors

Our private History GCSE tutors have gone through countless hours of private teaching and a rigorous hiring procedure here at Notebook Tutors. It is through this process that we can guarantee all parents and carers that we offer an extremely high quality of teaching as part of our private tuition across all subjects and levels. 

We have had several positive testimonies from clients over the years who can attest to their child’s improvements in academic performance, increases in general confidence and overall academic potential as a result of working with our face-to-face History GCSE tutors. We believe that every student, regardless of where they may sit in terms of projected GCSE grades, can stand to benefit from regular tutoring. 

Our tutor matching team at Notebook Tutors will be looking to satisfy any and all requirements you disclose to us upon registering interest for private History GCSE tuition. Our tutor base is vast and covers several areas of expertise. We have tutors that are confident in working with students who have English as a Second Language, students who want to exceed their predicted grades,  or students that just need that extra one-on-one time to help them through the trickier topics. 

Meet Our History GCSE Tutors Face to Face

With the return of our face-to-face History GCSE tutors, the benefits of in-person lessons will be available to any child who enrols in private History GCSE tuition. Not only can in-person lessons help children who may have less confidence, but it can also boost academic enthusiasm as well. Studies have shown that students who enjoy learning and working with their tutor, usually perform better in end of term tests or end of year examinations, such as GCSE exams. 

Additionally, communication can be much more efficient when having discussion. With private History GCSE tuition needing a lot of discussion and repetition in order to help students understand dates and historical context, this can be repeated with ease when learning face-to-face. There is also the benefit of your child becoming more comfortable sharing their academic doubts and concerns much quicker, allowing their academic potential to grow at a much quicker rate. 

Of course, we try our best to ensure that we match the best tutor to your child, considering their experience and your needs. We are always happy to take any feedback from both parents and students and welcome any adjustments that you would like to request to your child’s private History GCSE tuition. 

Private History GCSE tutors

What Is Included In History GCSE Private Tuition

Once your child has one of our face-to-face History GCSE tutors, your initial lesson will be the first time your child receives private History GCSE tuition. During this session, your child’s tutor will prioritise getting an understanding of what your child struggles with, in regard to GCSE History, what techniques of learning work best for them, and beginning to build a productive student-tutor relationship with them. 

Your tutor may suggest that the best way for your child’s course of learning to progress is dependant on where they are in their GCSE journey at the moment. For private History GCSE tuition for Year 10 students, a focus on understanding the stories of the past and familiarising your child with the structure of exams should be the priority. For students who are in Year 11, our face-to-face History GCSE tutors usually prioritise essay planning and writing skills, in order to ensure your child knows how to apply their knowledge effectively.

Learn More About History GCSE Private Tuition

One of the tougher essay-based GCSE subjects, academic success at History GCSE is becoming rarer due to the raised grade boundaries year after year. Considering that a large portion of History GCSE is dependant on retaining knowledge, sixth forms and other higher education institutions find a good grade in History qualifications to be a marker of academic potential.

With regular and consistent private History GCSE tuition, your child can expect to see an increase not only in grades, but in their overall enthusiasm for other GCSE subjects they may be studying.

History GCSE FAQ

If your child has always been fascinated by history, studying GCSE History is an excellent way for them to expand their knowledge and begin their career. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding private History GCSE tuition. 

How do your private History GCSE tutors help with my child’s exams?

Our face-to-face History GCSE tutors will be able to target specific weaknesses and areas of improvement that your child should be working on in order to achieve their full academic potential. By targeting their weakest points in this way, they can expect to have a well-rounded base of knowledge for their examinations.

Where can I find resources to help my child at home?

Depending on the amount of assistance that your child’s tutor thinks they need, your tutor may assign additional homework for completion outside of lessons. If you would like to request additional work for your child, please get in touch. 

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