Online Secondary Tuition

After finishing primary school, most students tend to have a certain fear regarding the jump to secondary school. With our outstanding online secondary school tutors, our tuition offered at Notebook Tutors has been successful in assisting students to get better grades in their KS3 assessments.

If you are finding that your child is struggling with the transition from primary to secondary school, or alternatively, they are a little behind in their pre-GCSE preparation, then our online secondary school tutors will be able to assist. 

With KS3 being one of the most populated Keystages, it can be hard for students to be supported for their individual needs in the classroom. It is for this reason that online secondary school tuition has exponentially risen in the last few academic years. 

Our online secondary school tutors have good experience working with both primary school children and those who are undertaking GCSE studies, so will be aware of the level that new secondary school students are working at, as well as their overall target.

Online secondary tuition

For those parents and guardians that are looking to register interest in online secondary school tuition for their children, we at Notebook Tutors advise that a long-term view is best when considering tuition. Especially with students at a KS3 level, consistency with a single tutor across multiple subjects has been shown to increase both confidence and competency across the board. 

Academic progress and hitting predicted targets is one of the main ways that our online secondary school tuition can assist your child. However, thanks to the expert knowledge and vast experiences our online secondary school tutors have had with tutoring at this level, your child will be able to access assistance no matter what their needs are. 

Whether your child is looking for regular revision of topics covered in class, or preparation for formative assessments in the middle of the term, our tutors are there to help.

Meet our Secondary tutors

When hiring here at Notebook Tutors, we ensure that any of our online secondary school tutors are ready to tackle a variety of academic issues. This ranges from a reinforcement of some core concepts of KS2 as well as the ability to recognise when a KS3 student is working ahead of their expected level. In these circumstances, our tutors will use their expertise to create a personalised course of learning that will maximise the student’s academic potential. 

Our tutors have gone through extensive background checks and have been recognised for their positive impacts through online and face-to-face tutoring even before joining Notebook Tutors. For more information on how our secondary school tutors have affected students positively, you can refer to our Testimonies page or our Google reviews.

Online secondary school tuition

What is included in secondary tuition

Our online secondary school tuition will commence with an initial lesson after the tutor matching process. During this lesson, each tutor will approach the needs of your child through a brief conversation, attempting to ascertain where their strengths and weaknesses lie in relation to academic performance. 

With this knowledge, your tutor will be able to curate a personal set of lesson plans for your child, catering to their current working level. As part of your child’s online secondary school tuition, they will also complete regular lesson reports at the end of every lesson which are for our agency.  This will allow all parties involved to be kept in the loop through efficient and reliable communication, a factor that helps Notebook Tutors to stand out from other tutoring agencies. 

Your child’s online secondary school tuition will also aim to assist your child through all years of KS3. 

For those students in Year 7, online secondary school tutors will be aiming to encourage new modes of thinking for post-primary school study. Critical thinking, deeper analysis and more complex logic will be some of the core skills that will need to be developed at this stage. 

Students in Year 8 will be considering GCSE content in some schools, and at this stage some tutors may wish to introduce more exam-friendly skills such as time management and structures for revision. 

When approaching Year 9, core ideas of the GCSE specification can be introduced at this stage and developed on further for those students with the academic capacity to do so.

Learn about secondary school tuition

As a whole, online secondary school tuition is one of the main ways that parents and guardians can assist their child through the academic fluctuation that accompanies KS3 studies. Our online secondary school tutors understand the challenges posed by the increase in homework workload and the vastness of the new subjects to consider. 

Alongside academic improvement, our tutors are always attempting to increase both confidence and enthusiasm at the same time as educating. Not only can this help to foster a stronger sense of academic belonging, but can help as a way to cope with the changes that secondary school studies can bring. 

Secondary school tuition FAQ

If you are considering taking tuition for your child in KS3, we would advise getting in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding online secondary school tuition. 

How can online secondary school tutors help my child?

A secondary school tutor can help reiterate concepts shared with your child in school and further quiz them on this knowledge, working to consolidate concepts and encourage mastery of the subject.

What content is covered in online secondary school tuition?

Online secondary school tutors will be happy to introduce new content if the school’s syllabus is a little slow for your child’s rate of progress, however, your tutor will also encourage revision of topics before moving on to something new.

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