Featured Tutor: Chloe Anson

Featured Tutor: Chloe Anson
May 4, 2016
Marilyn Brydges

Notebook Tutors is doing a new series: Featured Tutor! This will showcase just a few of our many excellent tutors and demonstrate why they are so passionate about tutoring, and why we love them!

Chloe is a future barrister who will be starting her pupillage at a prestigious chambers in September 2016. She studied Politics at undergraduate level at Durham University and achieved a First Class degree; she then went on to achieve a Distinction in her law conversion course at BPP University and a high grade in her Bar course at City Law School. She got three As at A-level and won an award at her school for highest overall marks in Politics and History A-levels. She has been working part-time as a researcher for an MP since August 2014. She has been tutoring since 2011 and works with students at all levels, including 7+ and 11+, teaching Maths, History, Politics, and English. She is a hard-working and diligent tutor who is loved by her students.

1. Why do you like teaching?

It is incredibly rewarding and varied – each and every tutee is different and I love a challenge.

2. What is your teaching style?

I believe that confidence is key – I try and be as inspirational as I can, and am encouraging but firm. I believe that each child learns differently and it is a case of finding the best methods for them to reach their potential. It is about learning how to learn as much as learning a specific subject so I hope my students feel that they are well equipped for their future academic careers.

3. Tell us your best teaching moment.

When one of my students told me he was actually looking forward to his exams to show the examiners how much he knew – I felt like I had succeeded in making academics fun!

4. What are your interests outside of teaching?

I like ballet, walking my little Norfolk terrier around Battersea Park, reading, cooking and sewing.