Featured Tutor: Govind Nair

Featured Tutor: Govind Nair
March 2, 2016
Marilyn Brydges

Notebook Tutors is doing a new series: Featured Tutor! This will showcase just a few of our many excellent tutors and demonstrate why they are so passionate about tutoring, and why we love them!

Govind has just completed his Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from Queen Mary, University of London, in which he achieved a Merit. He studied Business Economics for his undergraduate degree and was awarded a 2:1. In his International Baccalaureate he achieved the equivalent of an A at A-level in Maths, Physics and Economics. He mostly specialises in teaching Maths at all levels but also tutors English for younger students. He is patient, enthusiastic and likes to make learning fun for the student. Govind is one of our busiest and most in-demand tutors!

1. Why do you like teaching?
Teaching gives me the opportunity to work with smart students who just need a nudge in the right direction. I enjoy working with their creative ideas and seeing their confidence build and flourish.

2. What is your teaching style?
I truly believe that the process of learning is at its most effective when it’s an enjoyable experience for the student. This influences my teaching style immensely as I provide a fun and encouraging atmosphere throughout my sessions, where students actively express their ideas and have no fear of answering questions incorrectly. While this gives me a fantastic platform to teach, it also immensely builds the student’s confidence towards a subject.

3. Tell us your best teaching moment.
My best teaching moment was when a student’s mother informed me of his progress at school and the positive impact my teaching had made towards his education.

4. What are your interests outside of teaching?
Outside of teaching I enjoy travelling, playing sports and socialising with friends and family.