Featured Tutor: Milly Reilly

Featured Tutor: Milly Reilly
October 28, 2015
Marilyn Brydges

Notebook Tutors is doing a new series: Featured Tutor! This will showcase just a few of our many excellent tutors and demonstrate why they are so passionate about tutoring, and why we love them!


Milly has just recently graduated from a Masters degree in Contemporary Literature from Kings College London; prior to her Masters Milly studied English Literature at the University of York and was awarded a First. In her A-Levels she achieved A* in English, Philosophy and History, and at GCSE she got 10 A* and 1 A. For Notebook Tutors, Milly specialises in tutoring English at all levels and also English as a Foreign Language.


  1. Why do you like teaching?

I enjoy getting to know the students:  I like that I can play a part in enabling a student’s progress, and that I can observe how their confidence and creativity develops. Probably my favourite thing about teaching is when a student surprises me with their ideas, offering an interpretation of a poem, or a passage from a novel, that prompts me to look at it in a slightly different way.

  1. What is your teaching style?

I have a friendly, encouraging teaching style, as I like to make the student feel comfortable and confident when expressing their ideas. Depending on the students’ requirements and how long the lesson is, we will usually begin looking at a literary text, exploring specific devices or themes that the writer has used. After discussing the text, we will go on to do a practical exercise, which will range from comprehension questions to creative writing.

  1. Tell us your best teaching moment.

My best teaching moment was being told by the father of a student that his daughter had told him how much of a positive difference my teaching had made to her English lessons in school.

  1. What are your interests outside of teaching?

Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading, creative writing, music concerts, and socialising with friends and family.

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