Maths GCSE 9 to 1 Easter Revision Classes

Notebook Tutors will be running Maths GCSE Easter Revision courses for students taking their GCSE Maths exams in summer 2018. Each course, which will be taught by our experienced GCSE Maths tutors, will run for five days and you can choose whether to attend morning sessions or afternoon sessions. Each session will last for three hours; the course will last for fifteen hours in total.

Each course will cover the entire GCSE Maths curriculum, and practice exam questions will be provided for every topic. The GCSE Maths tutors will review the practice exam questions with their students and written answers to the practice questions will also be provided at the end of the course for use in revision. If there is enough time at the end of the course, the tutors will take the students through past exam papers and other sample questions.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

Each student will be given a revision booklet which contains the entire up-to-date curriculum for the new 9-1 Maths GCSE. The booklet indicates throughout the difficulty level of topics within the 9-1 grading system for more targeted learning.

The tutors running each course are highly experienced, with particular expertise in guiding students through Maths GCSE. They understand the new 9-1 Maths curriculum and will work with each student individually to ensure their understanding of each subject area.

Course dates: 2nd April to 6th April

9th April to 13th April

Class sizes will be small, with a maximum of 8 students in any one class. This allows our Maths tutors to focus on the particular strengths and weaknesses of each individual student and to ensure that each student’s learning is tailored to their needs.

GCSE Maths is an essential qualification for every student. It equips you with important skills for everyday life, including problem solving, logical thinking and attention to detail. Perhaps most crucially, a good grade in GCSE Maths is a pre-requisite for entry into many university courses as well as other forms of higher education, employment, and apprenticeships.