Private Secondary School Science Tutors

Secondary school can be an overwhelming period of academics for some students, with Year Seven to Nine involving a lot of different transitions for young students. The Key Stage 3 Curriculum as outlined by the government’s National Curriculum has varying methods of delivery across all secondary schools in the country and sometimes, students may find it hard to keep up. At Notebook Tutors, we provide high quality private Science Secondary School tutors to assist students in their KS3 Science courses. 

If you are a parent or guardian that is considering enrolling your secondary school child in private secondary Science tuition, don’t delay getting in contact with us at Notebook Tutors to register your interest as soon as possible. With a lot of Year Six students having to complete their primary school education through online school, the transition to secondary school is harder than ever for current students. As a result, there is tremendous demand for our face-to-face Science Secondary tutors, which is why we advise registering with us at the beginning of the academic year. 

Now that the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic has decreased here in the UK and lockdowns have been lifted, Notebook Tutors is confident in allowing in-person private secondary Science tuition to go ahead in London with our face-to-face secondary Science Secondary tutors. We can assure parents and guardians that our lessons will be safe and responsible, with your child’s academic progress as the priority. 

Private Secondary School Science Tutors

For those students that may not have had private tuition at all before, the benefits of having one of our private Science secondary tutors are great for all year groups in Key Stage 3. We believe that no matter what level of skill your child is currently working at and regardless of their target level, private secondary Science tuition can help every student access their full academic potential. 

We are also able to recommend all of our face-to-face Science secondary tutors with the full confidence that they will work to the best of their ability to help your child reach the required standard for their year group. With hours of experience in teaching their subjects both online and in-person, private secondary Science tuition with our tutors has been consistent in achieving increased academic improvement, confidence in the Science subjects and overall enthusiasm for school. 

Meet Our Science Secondary Tutors Face to Face

With most of our tutors at Notebook Tutors having been limited to only delivering online lessons for quite a while, our face-to-face Science secondary tutors are ready to get back to teaching in-person once more! After registering your interest with our team, you will have a tutor that can support your child’s needs as optimally as possible. 

We would like to reassure parents and guardians that our hiring team do a wonderful job of ensuring that only the best private Science secondary school tutors are available to teach your children. Having gone through our dedicated hiring process requiring a DBS Check, teaching and character references to support potential tutors’ CV’s and the relevant qualifications, your child’s private secondary Science tuition is in good hands.

Private Science Secondary School tutors

What Is Included In Science Secondary Private Tuition

Not only is the subject of secondary Science an extremely large scope of study, but so KS3 as a whole. From Year Seven students who will be adapting to new secondary school routines, to Year Eights who will be beginning to look at GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics concepts, and to Year Nines who will be considering GCSEs more seriously, private secondary Science tuition can be beneficial for all skill levels. 

Your child’s tutor will start with an initial lesson that will be set in accordance with your preferred availability and address in London.  During this session, our face-to-face Science secondary tutors will be looking to assess the strengths and weaknesses that your child currently faces in relation to secondary school Science. They will be attempting to foster an understanding of how they best learn in order to adapt future lesson plans to their customised needs. 

If parents and guardians are able to supply our private Science secondary school tutors with any additional information in the initial stages of tuition, such as progress reports and completed tests, this can assist our private tutors greatly in curating a personalised course of learning for your child. 

Learn More About Secondary School Science Private Tuition

Success at secondary school Science level can translate into further academic success for nearly all students in KS3. Considering that the National Curriculum is the core theory needed for the GCSE Science specifications, enrolling your child in private secondary Science tuition can encourage enthusiasm for these subjects at an earlier stage. In turn, this can lead to enhanced chances for success at GCSE, leading to a secure academic future. 

At KS3, Science can sometimes be taught as one subject, rather than as the separate three subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. However, if you would like to request our private Science secondary school tutors to focus on one subject specifically, please feel free to make such requests. 

Secondary School Science FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding private secondary Science tuition for Keystage Three students. 

How can I support my child during private secondary Science tuition?

At Notebook Tutors, we believe that every student, regardless of their current working skill level, can stand to benefit from regular tuition, consistent school attendance and positive reinforcement from home. It has been proven that parental or guardian involvement in your child’s study can greatly enhance their enthusiasm to perform better in their academics. 

How can face-to-face secondary Science tutors support my child?

Tuition on its own already stands to make quite a difference in the academic achievement of a child, but in-person one-on-one attention on a subject of difficulty for your child can promote a more efficient and effective understanding of their weaknesses. By feeling more comfortable with their tutor due to the nature of being face-to-face, students usually feel more inclined to share their doubts and ask for help.

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